Always optional; always appreciated

If you want to donate to the Adams 50th Anniversary All-class Reunion fund, we happily accept.

We'll use the funds only for this reunion and in this order:
  1. Help alumni who want to attend the Friday event but don't have the budget for a ticket.
  2. Put toward enhancing the Friday and Saturday events.
You may donate below by credit card ($10 minimum because of transaction fees) or download this form to donate by check (any amount).

If you're buying tickets by check, you can specify your donation amount on that form; you don't need to send this separate donation form.

Please submit your donation by July 1.

Thank you!

Editor's note: I have no idea where there are two "Recent Contributors" boxes or why names appear in one but not in the other. A page glitch thingy. Behind the scenes, all donation information is stored correctly.

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Anne Lafreniere Morin Date Received: 06/9/2019
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Luata Bray Date Received: 05/1/2019
Rosemary Hardin Date Received: 04/29/2019